On-Sea Attractions

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  • Parasailing

    Parasailing offers you the pleasure to experience a very serene and peaceful,breathtaking activity to see the panoramic view of the sea from the air and it can be done by either individual or as a pair. The whole trip is done in a warm and friendly Mauritian atmosphere.One of the best things you can do to make your stay in Mauritius a memorable,an unforgetable and a great experience is the Parasailing, which offers you the chance to feel and admire the beautiful and fantastic view of the blue lagoon and the white sand beaches in Mauritius.

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  • Quad Bike Tour or Photo safari + Sub-scooter or Submarine

    Photo safari: having the chance of entering the safari bus to visit the wildlife nature environment with family and friends and enjoy the pleasure of taking photos of wild breast is the most wonderful moment.  An amazing quad biking in the reserve of Yemen park among the beautiful animals around 1 or 2 hours. A visit to Casela nature park is a must and well worth of the journey.  Sub-scooter: Enjoy the thrill of piloting your own underwater scooter 3 metres beneath the sea’s surface.   Submarine:a unique spectacular way of diving without getting wet on board.

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  • Six Days Package Tour Including Car Rental

    6 days package tour including car rental and activities: Sub-scooter / submarine, full day speedboat or catamaran outing at your choice, Casela, quad biking/buggy for 2 hours, Visit to Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth , La Vanille Crocodile Park, Glass Bottom,

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  • Speed boat tour to Ile Aux Cerf + South East Falls |Parasailing, Under Sea Walk + Tube Ride | BBQ Lunch

    Enjoy sailing through the crystal clear water of the east coast lagoon with a view of the waterfall is a must of having a full day of fun on the speed boat to Ile aux Cerfs with BBQ lunch and drinks. Parasailing offers you the pleasure to see the beautiful bird’s eye view which makes it a truly worthwhile experience and it can be done by either individual or as a pair. The whole trip is done in a warm and friendly Mauritian atmosphere and of having the excitement of cruising experience in a high speed.Undersea walk has been the most practised watersport in Mauritius which is suitable for all people starting from 7 years and even non divers can participate to have a lifetime experience out there.

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  • Speedboat Trip: 2hrs Dolphin Watch + 1hr Seacart OR Seacart Only

    A unique experience: Dolphins encounter in their natural environment.Swim and snorkeling with dolphins and visit the whales on the west coast of Mauritius.Seacart is the must of things to do in Mauritius.While driving your own speed boat “Seacart”, offers you the unique possibility to discover the beauty of the Mauritian lagoons.

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  • Sub-scooter With Depth 3 Metres or Submarine With Depth 30 Metres

    Exclusive Sub-scooter and Sub-marine Trip to discover the mysteries of the deep sea, while enjoying a dream adventure of underwater. Sub-scooter: comfortably seated one behind the other, it can be ride by one or two people together, you can breath normally inside a broad common,transparent and panoramic cupola.

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  • Three days Package Tour

    Day 1: Big Game Fishing + 1 hour Seacart
    Day 2: Quad Biking + Walk with Lions
    Day 3: Skydiving / Microflight + Horse Riding DDE

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  • Tour at Blue Bay: Glass Bottom Boat, Snorkeling, Speedboat, BBQ, and Ile aux Cerf

    Experience glass bottom boat at Blue Bay or snorkeling, watch the colorful corals in tne morning; and then go to Ile aux Aigrette + Light Island + Ile aux cerfs by speed boat; and visit the falls, Lunch BBQ with or without lobsters, with snack and drink, back to Blue Bay.

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  • Tour Catamaran to Ile Aux Cerfs From Trou D’eau Douces Passing South-East Falls With BBQ Lunch | Para-sailing Optional

    Having the pleasure to experience a full day cruise on the catamaran to Ile aux Cerfs from Trou d’eau Douce and visit the waterfalls of Grand River with the pleasant atmosphere of the sun, drinks, delicious food and having blast on the East coast of Mauritius.The cruise departs at 09h30 and return back by 15h30. It sails through the blue crystal clear water with a breathtaking scenery all around on the island where you can explore the beautiful white sand beaches.

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  • Tour Pirate Boat to ile aux Cerfs with Sega Dance Show + Snorkeling and South-East Fall View

    Pirate Boat to Ile aux Cerfs cruise with the amazing wooden sailing Pirate Style Boat, while enjoying a full day trip with fun and excitement of Mauritian culture known as Sega dance show with special and unforgettable memories.

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