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Plaisir Fraicheur Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the “company”)



Full name姓名:
(Hereinafter the “Participant”)

National Identity Card number / Passport Number护照号:

Date of Birth出生日期:


Name of contact person in a case of emergency紧急联系人姓名:

Telephone number紧急联系人联系电话:


Full name姓名: Date of Birth出生日期:
(Hereinafter the “legal Guardian”)

National Identity Card Number / Passport Number护照号:


Selected activity or particular site 所选择的活动或景点:
Hereinafter referred to as the “activity or site”. Where the context so requires words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa

The Participant / Legal Guardian hereby参加者或未成年参与者监护人:

(a) Acknowledges that he/ the minor Participant has attended the introductory session delivered by the employees/ representatives of the Company. The participant/ the Legal Guardian declares being satisfied with such introductory session. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人知道选择的活动或景点。

(b) Acknowledges having been made aware of the wilderness of the site and of the level of difficulty pertaining to the tracks. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人知道景点的野生环境和活动难度。

(c) Declares that he/the minor Participant has agreed to participate in the activity voluntarily and has agreed to do so at his/ the minor Participant’s own risks. The Legal Guardian hereby expressly gives his consent to the minor Participant’s participation in the selected activity or site and agrees that the minor Participant shall be under his responsibility during the course of the activity or site. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人自愿参加,自己承担风险,未成年人的监护人同意未成年人在监护人的责任下参与活动。

(d) Warrants that he/the minor Participant is physically and mentally able to participate safely in the activity and that he/the minor Participant has no particular health problem and suffers from no handicap whatsoever that may endanger his/ the minor Participant’s life, or the life of any other participant, during the course of the activity. The Participant/Legal Guardian furthermore warrants not being/ that the minor Participant isn’t, under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication which may impair/endanger his/the minor Participant’s participation or that of any other participant during the course of the activity. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人保证体力,精神上可以安全的参与活动,参加者无危及安全的健康,残疾问题。参加者或未成年参与者监护人保证没有在可危及参加者的酒精,毒品,药品的影响下参加活动。

(e) Acknowledges that it is strictly forbidden to engage/participate in any of the dangerous activity whilst pregnant. Acknowledges that he/the minor Participant has been informed of the security measures to be complied with during the course of the activity and accepts the importance of complying with same at all times. The Participant/ Legal Guardian therefore expressively agrees to obey/ to ensure that the

minor Participant obeys such security measures and agrees to comply with all the instructions of the guide(s)/Company’s employees during the course of the activity. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人知道孕妇严禁参加任何可能有任何危险的活动。参加者知道遵守安全措施。

(f) Accepts that non-compliance with the instructions of the guide(s) or any employee of the company during the course of the activity may result in the latter ending the activity forthwith. In such an event, the Participant/Legal Guardian agrees that he shall not be entitled to any reimbursement whatsoever from the Company. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人接受公司对参加者没有完成活动不具备责任,公司不进行任何补偿。

(g) Hereby agrees to be solely responsible for his/the minor Participant’s personal belongings during the course of the activities. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人同意参加者是唯一的自己随身用品负责人。

(h) Agrees that Company, its employees or agents shall not in any way whatsoever be held liable for any physical, moral or materials damage that he/ the minor Participant may suffer during the course of the activity, save and except where same results from the “faute lourde” of the Company or its employees or agents. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人同意公司对参加者的身体,精神,物质损失不具备任何责任。

(i) Expressly waives all rights and actions that he may have against the Company, its employees or agents in respect of any claim/s whatsoever that may arise out of or in connection with his/the minor Participant’s participation in the activity, save and except where same results from the “faute lourde” of the Company or its employees or agents. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人消除一切指控公司的权利和行动。

(j) Undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its employees or agents from and against all claims and actions whatsoever which may at any time be suffered or incurred by, or asserted against, any one of them, as a result of or in connection with the acts and doings of the Participant/minor Participant during the latter’s participation in the activity. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人负责在任何时间不对公司做出任何伤害。

(k) Grants the Company the right to use, reproduce and/or distribute pictures, films, records of him/the minor Participant for advertising purposes. 参加者或未成年参与者监护人赋予公司使用,发布照片,录影,记录的权利。此处是选择yes,否选择no。 Yes No

(l) Declares that he/the minor participant can /cannot swim independently, without floating aids. (Please circle the appropriate answer) 参加者或未成年参与者监护人可以或不可以无依靠的不使用漂浮工具游泳,此处能选择can,不能选择cannot。

The above terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. Any dispute arising from or in connection with the scope and/or interpretation of the above-mentioned terms, and which cannot be resolved amicably, shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mauritius。以上条件符合毛里求斯法律。任何分歧友好解决;如果不能友好解决, 通过毛里求斯法庭解决。

The above terms is original in English, and translated in Chinese, the exact meaning is according to the English text, the Chinese text is only for better understanding. 以上条件为英文原文, 汉语翻译,原文含义请依据英文,中文翻译仅为大概含意。

Participant’s signature/Legal Guardian’s signature参加者或未成年参与者监护人或监护人签字:

Date日期: / /